June 3, Day 1: Aesthetics

How has the rise of digital performance techniques changed the aesthetics of performance and theater?

Featured Speaker: Joanna Garner

June 4, Day 2: Industry

As live-streaming and digital performance become more common, what are the sets of business practices that should change around the live performance industry

Featured Speaker: Adrienne Mackey

June 5, Day 3: Education

How should training institutions change in the face of these new artistic and industrial models?

Featured Speakers:

Heidi Boisvert, and the LAM Sisterhood

Speaker Schedule:

June 3: Joanna Garner (9:30AM) (PST)
June 4: Adrienne Mackey (9:30AM) (PST)
June 5: Heidi Boisvert (9:30AM) (PST)
June 5: LAM Sisterhood 12:OOPM (PST)